The current preparedness level is 3.

At minimum, you should be able to hike 3 hours with a 30 lb. pack. You should have 3 weeks of food and supplies stocked at home.

You should be spending 20% of your income on level 3 preparedness until you have completed the entire list. Then you should reduce your spending to 10% on acquiring level 4 preparedness equipment and supplies.

Things you should be watching for, that would precipitate level 4:

Other problem areas to watch: Turkey, North Korea, Kashmir, Poland, cascading bank failures, cascading currency failures, potential crop loss due to bee & butterfly dissapearance.

Be Prepared
You are -here-


Survival 101

If you have any intention of surviving doomsday, the apocalypse, armageddon, whatever you want to call it, then you must start making preparations now, if you already haven't. First things first: Get out of the city. Right now. The mountains are preferable, the closer to wilderness the better.

Basic lifestyle changes:

Store food, and learn preservation techniques such as canning and dehydration. Learn the essentials of the "bug-out" bag.

By now, you should have an operable escape plan, should you find yourself in the city following an outbreak or EMP burst or major breakdown in civil order.

You should know how to obtain water and food

Likely threats at this time: EMP, food crisis, financial collapse (with secondary food crisis), unexpected pandemic (not Swine.LOL.flu)

You also need to inform yourself

There are many thousands of videos out there, and more being added everyday. Spare yourself the interminable yet entertaining excursions, and watch these first:

Fall of the Republic

The Money Masters

Firewall: In Defense of Nation State


Level 3

(complete list to be added soon)

- Learn self-sufficiency
- Spend time actually hiking, camping, fishing, hunting
- Buy guns and ammo
- Buy heirloom seeds
- Buy gold and silver in small quantities, as this resource may be of questionable utility. In the event of an actual apocalypse, coffee and cigarretes are likely to be far more valuable as currency.

resources: Millenium Ark especially "Dare to Prepare", and Nuclear War Survival Skills


Also I will be covering: Eschatology - Obama - Swine Flu - General Conspiracy Theory

For reference

At all times, (except D4/5) efforts should be consistent, and when the current level preparations have been made, prudently make defense preps ahead of the current level.

DEFCON 1 - Educate yourself on survival. It's free. Make whatever arrangements you can for resources that have a very high value at little or no expense. Such as seeds, water filtration, self-charging flashlights, have a bit more food on hand than necessary. Basically things you should probably have on hand anyway, but probably don't.

DEFCON 2 - Prudent preperations. Buy items in the $100. range. backpack, water filter, self-charging am/fm/sw radio. The goal is to have a pack that you can carry with enough to sustain yourself, while keeping spending at a minimal (but steady) pace.

DEFCON 3 - Recommended expenditure of 20%, minimum expenditure of 10% net income on reliable resources, gold & silver. The goal is to make sure DEFCON 2 preparations are complete right away, with the idea that situations could develop within a 3 month time-frame.

DEFCON 4 - This means that geopolitical situations have escalated to military posturing over a long-standing dispute. Establish a shelter and stock it. Make sure vital electronics are properly shielded. You should have chemical and nuclear detection abilities and shielding. Enough food and water to last 2 weeks minimum; eventually extending the supply to 2 months is ideal. Shelter should have 3' earth cover (minimum) anywhere near a target.

DEFCON 5 - Catastrophic impact is deemed likely, possibly there has been fire exchanged between US and either Russia, China, Iran, or financial markets are losing 30% per day, or the dollar is losing 30% per day, or a weaponized smallpox is released, or an NGO has acquired EMP capabilities. Evacuate to shelter. Last chance to finish D4 preps, do so immediately.


Things to think about Obama:

No other President

  1. Had their own symbol
  2. Were worshiped in public schools
  3. Have an Islamic background and name
  4. Mocked the Bible
  5. Describe the Koran as "the holy Koran" and "when it was revealed"
  6. Recited the Adzhan - the Muslim confession of faith
  7. Ran an arms embargo against Israel
  8. Bowed to the Saudi King
  9. Legislated against all American individuals
  10. Sided with foreign nations against a US state
  11. Served as Chairman of the UNSC 11 sought to divide Jerusalem
  12. Spent $2,000,000 fighting lawsuits to document his citizenship

Follow the money...

link appears to be gone. Too bad I didn't save the article, however it contained the details including name and dates of the company that filed for and received a patent for a new vacinnation process which was used to create the vaccine for swine flu. The important detail here is that the patent -preceded- the swine flu "pandemic" by about 2 years.

Obama is not a Muslim.

Time for another one of my reviews:

Barak - a "Jewish" name
Hussien - an "Islamic" Name
Barry - a "Christian" name
Obama and Soetoro - Just in case any contingincies come up. Who knows, maybe Soetoro is related to Soros.

He panders to the *Muslims*, Wears a cross, went to a *Christian* church, and prayed at the wailing wall wearing a *kippah*, even planted a written prayer. He carries numerous 'charms' from dozens of faiths in his pocket, including the monkey-god from India. He registered for elementary school as a Muslim, and attended a Christian church, but also publicly spoke against scripture, quoting from a book he claims to have written, so along with Jewish, Christian and Muslim names, he also gets the secular, anti-religious cover as well. He kneels in church, in Israel, and kneels to the Saudi King as well. He hosted Passover Seder dinner at the whitehouse. He honors Ramadan. And Christmas. We will see about Kwanzaa in a few months.

He is an African-American with a European name, but also Indonesian. He is genetically related to George Bush and Raila Odinga. He is from a modest background, but also a world traveler, and Ivy-league graduate. So he is rich, but also poor, and also middle-class. He is a brilliant academic writer, legal editor and lawyer - just don't expect to see any actual evidence of it, such as school records and examples of academic writing. He also talks in colliquialisms and slang because he is just an average guy. He promises the most transparent office in history, while his very first signature went to sealing his records. He is native born in Hawaii, but also immigrated from Indonesia as a child, possibly even recieving exchange student aid.

The only thing missing is he isn't a male/female hybrid too. I wouldn't be surprised to see claims of Obama's unusual insight into the feminine psyche, due to some mysterious genetic anomaly. And just for a joke, while addressing a GLBT audience, he made the off-the-cuff remark about a t-shirt or hat (I don't remember, just search youtube for it, okay?) saying "I'm just curious."

This is just a sample of the multi-chotomy that is Barak Obama. However I suggest the phrase "skin of a leopard" is MUCH more appropriate.

Truly as a leopard, he has MANY different colors, MANY different allegiances, MANY different and diverse -spots-, appearing to all as one thing or another, while ironically his true form is hidden from everyone, *even while he stands in plain view*.

No records of any kind have been ever been officially released about him. The school records were uncovered by investigators, and the document they claim is a birth certificate is NOT a birth certificate at all.

His first act as President was to seal his records.

August 22, 2009

Swine Flu

This one bugs me. Every single TV station, newspaper, internet news source, the government, the CDC, and the once respectable World Health Organization - EVERYONE is trying to create a global panic over a disease that after infecting a few hundred thousand, has killed maybe 800 people. Everyone else got sick exactly the same as any other flu. They stayed home and rested, and maybe took some tylenol or something, like with any other flu, missed a day or two of work, then recovered and went back to work with a lifetime immunity to H1N1. Since 30,000 die from the regular flu every year, I'm not seeing the problem here.

Lets compare that with, oh... MALARIA:

Each year 350–500 million cases of malaria occur worldwide, and over one million people die, every year.

Oh, but that's not as important as 800 people dieing from swine flu is it? By the way, we already have a vaccination for malaria, and if these people were treated, most of them would not die. Why is 800 people (total) more important than one million people every year? Because most of the people who die from malaria are children in sub-saharan Africa. In other words, they have no commercial value. They aren't working jobs that help rich people buy more yachts. They aren't buying overpriced goods that are designed to fail.

I would not be surprised to find out that more money is being spent on swine flu alarmism than the cost of malaria vaccines for a million dying kids in Africa.

But yeah, lets panic about swine flu because some people that work for some pharmaceutical companies have friends in the government and media, and a lot of people in the governement have investments in pharmaceutical companies. Why is it that no one complains about lawmakers being invested in companies that they pass laws for?

Same reason that no one complained about Eric Holder, the Attorney General that Obama appointed, refusing to allow the Supreme Court to hear a case against Obama. I call it 'conflict of interest' but I guess I'm just aberrant like that.

August 21, 2009


Makes you wonder why no one has ever heard of toxoplasmosis. Here is a conversation about it:

Dr J: I have discovered a brain-eating parasite. It lives in the brains of humans.

Mr P: Wow, really? What is it called?

Dr J: Toxoplasmosis.

Mr P: What are the symptoms?

Dr J: Basically, the symptoms aren't really noticeable, so... probably no one would know they had it.

Mr P: I see. So, what exactly does this 'toxoplasmosis' do?

Dr J: Well, it makes people a little slower, a little more conformist, less novelty seeking, less fearful of danger, and probably easier to control, due to a general suppression of self-preservation.

Mr P: Hmmm. Sounds like it's sort of a natural hypnotic. Would this make people less likely to rise up and revolt? Easier to control?

Dr J: In theory, since it does repress novelty seeking and self-preservation, I would say yes.

Mr P: Now that is cool. It makes my job easier. Does it cost anything?

Dr J: Not really, since it is a living parasite, it self-propagates; it doesn't cost anything to infect the population and keep it infected.

Mr P: Is there any downside at all?

Dr J: From your perspective, no there isn't one. No one can be blamed for it, because It's a completely natural and known parasite. No one will suspect they have been infected, because the effects are very subtle - but effective. You can dramatically increase the amount of influence and control you have over the general population without raising panic. People won't want to revolt due to an underlying irrational feeling of safety.

Mr P: Can I protect myself and family?

Dr J: Certainly. There is an effective vaccination. You can be tested and treated. No problem.

Mr P: Are there any limits with this thing?

Dr J: Well you are limited to infecting only 65% of the population.

Mr P. Why is that?

Dr J: Because 35% of the population already has it.

You know, I really wish this was some sort of science-horror-fiction for scaremongering people like CNN and MSNBC, the government, WHO & CDC, like to do with swine flu, and like they will do with the next disease in 2012-2013, but in fact toxoplasmosis is real, it is a brain-eating parasite that infects no less than 35% of the worlds population, and the primary action is to suppress novelty seeking and self-preservation of the host. So if you are sitting with two of your friends, ONE of you has it.

Do you think that the government is worried about it? Look at it this way. They are pretty effective in getting the word out about swine flu, and every priority disease before it. Toxoplasmosis is different. It helps them, and it helps everyone they do business with. They can vaccinate themselves and it's too expensive for you. The flu kills 30,000 people a year and we know about -that-. Think about it. A FLU. But I'm talking about a brain-eating parasite that is in your head right F'N NOW.

If no one knows about it, what the F do you think is the reason no one knows? The only reasonable conclusion is they don't want you to know about it. They want you to know about swine flu, so EVERYONE knows about it. Toxoplasmosis is good for them, so NO ONE knows about it.

Sure they will tell you that the cure is worse than the disease --- nevermind that it's a brain-eating parasite inside your head. You know what? I don't want that in my head and I don't care if there is ZERO effect from it. That is beside the point of: What the hell do you mean it's not that big a deal? It's a bug in my head eating my brain tissue. Excuse me, but I like to NOT HAVE IT, okay??? Now give me a shot or something you tool.

On to the next point. It is clinically proven to slow reflexes. We drive cars. People die. More than 50% of the fatalaties are toxoplasmosis positive. This is at least 15% higher than the general infection rate. Do the math. How many traffic fatalaties are probably due to toxoplasmosis? Uhm, that would be 15%.

In the US, motor vehicles accidents account for more deaths than all natural disasters combined. In 2008 that was more than 37,000. A simple x.015 gives us 5,550. Compare that with 477 (total) for the swine flu in the US. From 1998 to 2008 there were 460,822 deaths from collision. If only 15% are due to toxoplasmosis (a reasonable assumption) then we are talking about 69,123 deaths, again, compare that to 477 for swine flu.

Get yourself vaccinated. Insist on it. Spread the word.

More about swine flu...

Before the "we are all going to die" harbinger of death that is H1N1. There was the looming disastrous world annihilating pandemic threatening all of humanity you may recall as H5N1. Before that one, there was another virus threating to destroy all of humanity. Remember West Nile Virus? Before that, (2003) SARS. Before that, in the mid '90s, was the MAD COW Disease, aka CJD (in humans) aka scrapie (in sheep) epidemic panic. Before that was a big scare about "super bugs" and all the doctors talked about how bad all the pre-emptive vaccinations, anti-virals and anti-bacterials were leading to viruses and bacteria that we would not be able to control. Before that of course was AIDS. Actually AIDS was replaced by HIV because it's far more effective scare-mongering HIV because someone might have it and not know it.

In between SARS outbreak and AIDS outbreak I am missing one or two diseases that threatened fatalaties of apocalyptic proportions in my history here, but they all shared the same general profile, which leads me to my prediction here:

H1N1 will expire from the headlines and will be replaced by something else in exactly three years. The new disease (it will be claimed) has uncertain origins, but highly suspected to originate in a second or third-world area. It will be closely related to some known disease and have a high probability of mutation. It will have more than one method of transmission. It will have an incubation period greater than 5 days. It will have a mortality rate between 20% and 40%. There will not be any known effective vaccination, but one or two companies will be on the verge of creating one.

You get the idea. EXACTLY the same as every pandemic before. Except for AIDS/HIV none of these diseases were even remotely catastrophic, and they all just kind of went away and disappeared from the headlines. No mention of what shareholders earned over the course of the pandemic, of course.


Is Obama the Anti-Christ?

I don't think so, because he hasn't made a living image and demanded that everyone worship anything, or any image of anything. On the other hand, I would have expected Hal Lindsey to be doing backflips over this guy already, because Obama really does have -literally- a lot of the characteristics commonly assumed of the AntiChrist.

There really are a lot of indications. If you don't know the prophecies involved, and the fundamental problems with designating Obama as AntiChrist, then wow, you have a LOT to be worried about. But like I said, the main problem is he (so far) has not strayed into the realm of worship.

Bottom line, he can't really be the antichrist. A lot of other leaders, any US President in particular, are going to be labeled as the antichrist, and almost always have some of the characteristics to watch for, however, never has anyone aligned so spectacularly well as Obama does.

What would it take to convince me that he is? He would have to build some sort of monument or memorial to someone or something and declare that everyone should follow that memorial or whatever he constructs. It would have to be religious in nature, and at least partly based on Judeo/Christian concepts. It could be a book, a statue, a law, a memorial --- any one of a number of things. Secondly, there would need to be a very large amount of public support for it. Third, there would have to be serious consequences for anyone not going along with it. At that point he would be fulfilling the role as prophesied for the AntiChrist.

Of course there is also the beast whose number is 666 as well. In this case, we would need someone to perform the role given above, and declare that Obama is the one we must follow. That would make him the Beast of Revelations. Given the list above, and the fact that there -are- some people who are very very creepy in their adoration and defense of Obama, I would say he is a much better candidate for Beast of Revelations, than the AntiChrist (aka the False Prophet).

Again though, I don't see anyone actually worshiping him. And if I do start seeing Obama-oriented churches, you can bet I'm going to head for the hills with my AK and as much food as I can carry.

I will soon have a series of videos on the Beast of Revelations and 666 to post here. Expect some real research.




Clothing should be purchased at outdoors retailers. Educate yourself on outdoors clothing, paying particular attention to the types of fabrics and what qualities they have. Make friends of experienced hikers, and start hiking with them to learn the utility of clothing. Usually these will be synthetics such as Polypropolene or Nylon. You want clothing that is light, durable, and that dries quickly. Learn how to layer your clothing for warmth in cold climates. Another aspect of quickdry synthetics is that they can be packed into a much smaller and tighter bundle than cotton or wool. Cotton have very little value as an outdoors clothing item. I use it for socks and underwear, but only when the weather is warm, and I carry extra to compensate for the very long dry time for cotton in case it gets wet. In other words, when it is cold and I am wearing wool socks, I only need two or three pairs, because if they get wet, they will dry quickly when I hang them out. When it is warm and I have cotton socks, then I carry at least 5 pairs, because usually 2 or 3 pairs will be wet and I have to wait for them to dry before I can wear them again. For underwear, yes I use cotton even in the winter, but again, that means carrying 5 pairs, for the same reason. Other than that, you should never have any cotton clothing. I prefer Mountain Hardware clothing for excellent price-utility-value ratio. Columbia is usually over-priced, North Face is over-rated (although they used to be really good). REI store brand is often a good choice as well.


Bug-out Bag

A lightweight pack that you carry in your vehicle at all times, which has the bare minimum for survival and mobility. I have a small daypack with enough gear, clothing, and supplies to enable me to travel at a moments notice, on foot, in adverse conditions for at least 2 days. This gives me the ability to make it home on foot from wherever I may be, or else strike out in a different direction if necessary and be well equipped to remain comfortable essentially indefinitely, with the exception of food.

Here is what is in my Bug-out bag:


This Checklist
Mini Multi-Tool
LED Light
Lighter & leash
P38 can opener
P-cord / Spectra
Repair Tape
Mini Kit
Bug hat/net
Camp Suds
Water Pump & Filter: MSR Hyperflow
Survival Blanket
stuff sack
Rain Liner
Hammock: Hennesy Hammox ASM
Bath/First Aid Kit
Green Bag
Blue Bag
Titanium Sierra Stove
Titanium Cookset
Titanium mug
4 aluminum Tent Stakes
Plastic sheeting
Tyvek Tarp
Sleep Bag
2 Nalgenes
Pepper Spray
knife w/ saw
Topo Map
5' Duct tape
Plant Guides
Extra plastic bags
8 oz. Isopropyl Alcohol
Alcohol burning stove
Mosquito spray w/ DEET
Small hand shovel


cotton cloth
2 socks
2 boxers
QD. Shirt
QD Pants
Blue hat
Rain Jacket

Mini Kit

mini fire kit
cable saw
Pen & pencil
combo whistle w/tcmgm
LED Flashlight
Spare Batteries
Fishing hooks w/leader line
Hacksaw blade

First Aid Kit

nail clippers
cloth tape
waterproof tape
gauze wrap
Sting eze
multi vitamin
nail file
wet wipes *anti-bac
crazy glue
butterfly closures
Tissue paper

Total Weight, 25lbs.